Join us to hear keynote speaker Russell Rhoads; director of education at CBOE, speak to how Volatility is becoming a new investable asset; then dive into real world examples with 4 hedge fund managers sharing how they approach this new method of investing, hedging, and speculating via VIX Futures and options.

The event will cover the current landscape and forecast for the VIX, misconceptions and facts about the structure of VIX futures, and the evolution of how this “fear gauge” has evolved as a trading instrument.


After an informative talk we jump into the actual application of VIX Futures and incorporating them into portfolios with an in depth panel discussion amongst 4 professional fund managers (see below) utilizing VIX futures in their management of millions of dollars.

Whether the VIX remains at multi year lows or spikes to increased levels as has been seen time and time again after central bank action, European votes, or terrorist activity;  understanding how it works and the effect on each and every investors portfolios is invaluable. You’ll hear about trading the VIX curve, backwardation vs. contango, VIX options, VIX futures, and different trading strategies to capitalize on falling or rising volatility as you interact with the professionals currently navigating this growing market segment.

Once you’ve digested all of that; networking, passed appetizers and cocktails follow